Laser Treatments in Windsor Ontario Canada

With our clinic’s Sharplight S4 model laser, we can treat over 60 clinical conditions with 11 different handpieces including:

  • Hair removal for all skin tones
  • Skin rejuvenation (rough texture, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores)
  • All types of facial and body acne
  • Redness, broken blood vessels, rosacea
  • Spider hemangiomas and spider veins of the face and body
  • Stretch marks
  • Scarring
  • Radiofrequency face and body contouring (cellulite, stretch marks, skin tightening, scars)
  • Skin tightening for face and body
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Sunspots/hyperpigmentation

Aside from the hair removal handpiece, all other lasers are stackable within a single treatment session. As a result, we offer several laser bundles to maximize treatment outcomes and provide savings to our clients.

Before Your Treatment

Provide a detailed and accurate medical history including medications, allergies and previous aesthetic treatments/complications. 

Consider the aftercare instructions/downtime as well as timeline for expected results prior to scheduling your treatment. Do not undergo aesthetic treatments right before a vacation or special event. 

Avoid tanning, hair removal, sunburn and active skin care ingredients such as retinol immediately prior to treatment. 

Cancel your appointment if you are acutely ill or have a rash or cold sore in the treatment area. Those with a history of cold sores (Herpes Simplex 1) should take a course of antiviral medication in advance of procedures in the perioral area. 

If possible, please come to your appointment with your face make-up free and freshly washed. 

What To Expect At Your Treatment

Your provider will begin with ‘before’ photos and will review steps, expectations and instructions. Your face will be cleansed with witch hazel and a spot test will be conducted with each laser to determine your skin’s tolerance. 

Depending on the type(s) of laser(s) used, clients may feel a mild snapping sensation and this may results in some redness or tenderness. Your provider will continually check with you about your comfort and it is important for you to honestly report your sensations as this perception is unique to each individual and different areas of the face and body have different levels of tolerance.

Immediately following treatment, you may experience redness, some increased warmth and even rectangular or dotted markings on your skin, which typically resolve within a few hours to a few days, depending on which laser is used.

A small amount of moisturizer and sunscreen specifically formulated for post-procedure care will be applied during daylight hours to protect the skin after treatment. 

After Your Treatment

Avoid heavy lifting for 24 hours

Drink extra water! Keep skin well moisturized for 7 days

Avoid sun exposure and wear physical sunscreen daily. Laser treatment increases your sun sensitivity & tanning can cause hyperpigmentation

Avoid tanning/self-tanning, exfoliants, retinols, friction to treatment area, laser treatments & chemical peels for 2 weeks

Lesions may darken and flake off

Limit hair removal to shaving or dermaplaning

If redness, discomfort or swelling persist over 24 hrs, contact your provider.