It’s simple – you can book online 24/7 through our website. Virtual and in-person consultations are always complimentary.

We accept debit, credit and e-transfer in-person and while we also accept cash, we don’t maintain a float on-site so please bring exact change. All overages will be maintained as account credits with no expiry. 

We accept credit via our website.

Each treatment is associated with different recovery expectations and risks for swelling and bruising. General expectations for each procedure can be found in our Services tab but the ideal way to plan this is to contact us for a consultation where we can put together an individualized timeline of treatments to meet your needs.

This is why we offer complimentary consultations virtually and in-person! Often there are multiple treatment options for common concerns so our consultation offers the opportunity to make recommendations that suit your comfort level, preference and budget.

We offer most products in our clinic as well as through our website. Products purchased through our website can be picked up in-clinic Tuesday-Friday afternoons/evenings.

AlumierMD products can only be purchased in-person at our clinic or through their website for free delivery to your home in 1-2 days for orders over $75.

Some private insurance companies cover neuromodulator treatment for these conditions. When patients have these conditions diagnosed, they can contact their insurance provider to determine what their plan covers and request that their primary care provider complete insurance forms to request approval and obtain a prescription for Botox. Once approval is obtained, patients can fill their prescription at the pharmacy and our clinic will administer the medication for an injection fee of $150.

For patients who struggle with migraines or excessive sweating, our Nurse Practitioner can assess, diagnose and provide insurance forms/prescriptions for treatment for those who meet specified criteria. The process for obtaining and administering the medication is the same.

We offer topical and local anesthesia at no cost. In the event that additional pain management is required, we also offer a short acting, self-administered pain/anxiety medication that can be used safely during procedures and does not affect one’s ability to drive afterward.

Our clinic does not offer primary care services and prescriptions are only provided for aesthetic-related needs.

There are regulations against discounting prescription medications so any pricing discounts we offer involving prescription medications reflects a reduction in our injector fee.

Our pricing reflects the average costs in Windsor/Essex county as well as our professional skills, training and expertise.