Facials Windsor Ontario

Medical Facial

We offer a medical facial which boasts all the benefits and relaxation of a traditional facial with the enhanced results that come from medical grade quality products! Microdermabrasion, intense hydration treatment and targeted eye moisture and de-puffing are part of this treatment. This facial can also be combined with dermaplaning as well.  Medical facials are great for those who want to work up to a peel, those who are looking to improve their skin without requiring much corrective measure and those who just need to relax and pamper with longer-lasting results. Medical facials are great to do one week before events to get your skin glowing!

Aquagold Facial

The aquagold device microchannels (or precisely delivers) through 24K gold needles, active ingredients to targeted areas of skin. Botox, filler, PRP, medical grade hyaluronic acid and/or mesotherapy products can be delivered to every pore using this device. Since all of these products can be combined, an aquagold facial offers completely customizable solutions to treat each individual’s concerns. This facial offers pretty much every treatment modality in a single session- neurotoxins, fillers, PRP, mesotherapy and microneedling! The best part is that you get instant results (filler), results one week later (botox), further results in about one month (PRP) and ongoing results for several months (microneedling)!