Skin Lesion Removal Windsor Ontario

If you have a skin lesion (skin tag, mole, actinic keratosis, wart, etc.) that you wish to remove for aesthetic purposes, we are here to help. We offer scalpel, punch or cryotherapy removal methods as well as suturing for larger lesions on the neck and body. Lesions that have changed over time, have suspicious characteristics or are deemed too complex would be better addressed with one’s primary care provider or dermatologist.

Before Your Treatment

Provide a detailed and accurate medical history including medications, allergies, family history and previous aesthetic treatments/complications. 

Consider the aftercare instructions/downtime as well as timeline for expected results prior to scheduling your treatment. Do not undergo aesthetic treatments right before a vacation or special event. 

Avoid tanning, hair removal, sunburn and active skin care ingredients such as retinol immediately prior to treatment. 

What To Expect At Your Treatment

Your provider will begin with ‘before’ photos and will review steps, expectations and instructions. The treatment area will be mapped, measured and cleansed with antiseptic. The area may be numbed with local anesthetic.

Immediately following treatment, you will experience redness and possibly some increased warmth and bleeding which typically resolves within a few hours to a few days. The treatment area will be dressed and instructions for ongoing care will be provided.

After Your Treatment

Keep the wound dry and bandaged for the first 24- 48 hours. After this time, you can wash the wound with clean water and standard soap twice daily, then dry with a clean papertowel. You may cover the wound with petroleum jelly or polysporin and a non-stick dressing once daily

Protect from injury with a dressing if in an area or while doing an activity where your wound can easily be bumped or rubs against clothing. Depending on the size and location of your wound, you may need to refrain from exercise for up to 2 weeks

If a scab forms, do not pull it off. Itching around the area is expected and indicates healing. If you’ve had cryotherapy, you may develop a blister containing clear fluid or blood. Do not break it and instead wait for it to resolve on its own.

Contact your provider if you develop increased pain/redness, pus, fever or if your sutures or wound open.

If you have exterior sutures, an appointment for removal will be made.